Westside Money Makers Application for Membership

All members must agree to the following terms of membership.

Networking Group Code of Ethics

    • Provide quality of service at the fairest price
    • Always tell the truth
    • Build goodwill and confidence among everyone I encounter through the Westside Money Makers
    • Be diligent with the business referred to me
    • Always have a positive can-do attitude
    • Hold yourself to the highest ethical standards

Networking Group Policies

Administrative Policies

1. An initial registration fee can be paid annually or biennially ($120.00 for six months, $200.00 yearly). Payments may be made using VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, OR AMERICAN EXPRESS, CASH, or CHECK.

2. Membership dues are payable 30 days before the renewal date. Dues not paid by the first meeting of the month of membership renewal are considered late and will be assessed as a late charge. If dues are not paid within 15 days of renewal, the member will be officially dropped by WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS.

3. Fees are non-refundable.

4. Fees cannot be transferred from one person to another unless the fees are from the same company.

5. WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS (WSMM) has a strict return check policy. A member has three working days to contact their Regional WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS office and resolve the matter. WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS will turn over any returned checks not resolved within this period to collections. The member shall be prohibited from attending meetings until the returned check is resolved. All returned checks will be assessed a minimum $25 returned check fee. If a member submits a second check returned, that member will be subject to immediate termination.

6. WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS’ reputation is critical to the organization and the Franchises success, and any adversity that could damage the brand or WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS’ reputation could cause irreparable harm as such. WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS and its franchisees reserve the right in their sole discretion to discontinue a member’s participation in WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS.

General Policies

1. Only one person from each professional classification can join the WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS. Membership Committee has final authority relating to classification conflict.

2. Members must represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.

3. The weekly meetings last for 90 minutes. Members need to arrive on time and stay for the entire session.

4. Attendance is critical to the group. You or a substitute representing your company must be present for all meetings. Members are allowed three absences per six-month period. More than this and the member’s classification is subject to being opened by the chapter’s Membership Committee.

5. Members are encouraged to bring bonafide referrals or visitors to their WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS meeting. Certain professions, including attorneys, may be exempt if it violates professional ethics rules.

6. Visitors may attend chapter meetings up to two times.

7. Speakers must bring a door prize. Only members bringing a visitor or a referral are eligible for the door prize. ($20 min)

8. There are no leaves of absence except for medical leaves. A member may take up to eight weeks of medical leave with the Membership Committee’s prior approval if fees are pre-paid for that period, and they attempt to have someone “fill in” during their leave.

9. The member must file a concern with the Membership Committee of their chapter if a visitor “who applies in any way conflicts with the member’s classification.” This should be done before the visitor is approved for membership. The Membership Committee will “assume their consent” if there are no complaints.

10. Members who wish to change their classification must submit a new membership application and get approval from the Membership Committee for that classification change.

11. In case of problems with a member, the Membership Committee may, at their sole discretion, put a member on probation relating to the member’s business practices or commitment to the chapter.

12. A member’s classification may be opened for failure to comply with the policies and the Code of Ethics of WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS. Membership Committees of the chapter may open classifications.

13. If the Leadership Team fulfills all responsibilities throughout their term, they will receive consideration for an exemption of dues during their tenure as a Leadership Team member. The Leadership Team must agree to the terms outlined in the Leadership Team Agreement to hold a position and undergo training before participating.

14. Without a Membership Committee, the Leadership Team may act as an ad hoc Membership Committee until one is established.

15. All WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS membership lists are for ‘giving’ referrals and not for soliciting (via e-mail, direct mail, or other means) WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS members or Directors without their prior approval.

16. Policies are subject to change. All proposed policy changes need to be reviewed first by the Board of Advisors.

17. Other than standard WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS printed materials, members may not use the WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS’ Intellectual Property to manufacture, distribute, sell, market, or promote any product or service without obtaining the prior written consent of WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS. “Intellectual Property” includes but is not limited to the WSMM logo, trademarks, names, and slogans. Members must agree to abide by the WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS Branding Standards for any permitted use.

Attendance Policies

Absences and Tardiness

Absences and tardiness mean less business for members; therefore, the Membership Committee may give warnings to members who are consistently late or leave early. If the problem continues, the member’s classification may be opened by the Membership Committee.

Substitute Program

Even though a Substitute List is provided, the WSMM is stronger, grows more quickly, and passes more business on when all members find a substitute when necessary. People to consider for substitutes include your customers, clients, patients, friends, family, and employees.- The primary purpose of a substitute is to represent a WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS member.- WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS recommend minimal use of a substitute. However, a member may use substitutes up to three times in six months.- Please make the management team aware that a substitute will be attending the meeting so that we are there to greet the substitute and welcome them to the meeting.

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing members of WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS should represent their products and services in WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS and not the business opportunity element of their business. (No downline recruiting from the group).

How do WESTSIDE MONEY MAKERS determine the value of a referral?

A referral’s reported “value” is the monetary amount a member would earn from that particular transaction. Example: Real estate transaction of $50,000 is not reported, but rather the amount of commission that member made.

If a member earns residual compensation, that monetary value can be reported monthly, quarterly, or annually.